I am absorbed in finding a new way to control my diabetes.  gypsyI need a better way to be sure I am not going too high or too low and then correct in small increments so that I stay in the right range.  I tried a CGM for a few months, but it drove me crazy with alarms.  I’m seriously considering getting a diabetic alert dog or DAD (no, the dog is not diabetic.)  A dog would wake me at night if I have rapidly changing blood sugars,  It would make me check my blood glucose any time there is a change – and alert well before a problem would be noticed by the monitor.  I’m sure the dog will drive me as crazy as the monitor did, but it will be insistent and nag me in a way that I won’t accept from my family or a machine.  I will probably do a better job of watching my diet just to keep the dog happy and I will get in better shape because the dog will need to be walked.  It will be a shelter/rescue dog so I will have some say in what breed I get.  I need a medium sized dog – perhaps one that doesn’t shed because it will be in public with me at work.  I don’t want to trigger allergies.  I love the heads of German Shepherds.  I have now looked at many sites that offer DADs.  Most like to breed their own Labs or get them from breeders and train “starter dogs.”  The price range and the waiting time vary as much as my blood sugars.  I have decided to go with a group called Heads up Hounds.  They use rescue and shelter dogs.  I can’t find anything bad about them on line.  They seem helpful and the testimonials match the BBB rating of A-.  Does anyone know a person with a DAD that I could visit?  Do you know anything I should know about this company or owning a service dog?

I have sent the deposit and have a fundraising site: Help if you can or spread the word.



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