I wish I could age as gracefully as she has.

My mother is 95 years old.  She’s a little confused these days because she doesn’t feel that old and she doesn’t understand that her body won’t do the things her brain thinks it should do.  She stands up too quickly and falls down.  She forgets to take her cane with her or she leaves it behind on purpose because she is afraid of leaving it wherever she is going.  She is rather amazing.  Osteoporosis makes her angry because she has done everything that the medical world has told her to do to hang on to her bone calcium, but it continues to leach away.  We are increasingly betrayed by bodies that age before we do.  She doesn’t like being told that she really is old.  I don’t think I blame her.

My brain says I could run at least a mile.  My body says I will break bones in my feet if I try.  I just got a handicapped hang tag for my car – no expiration date.  I’ll be right there with you all too soon, Mom.


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