The Boot is On the Other Foot.

November is NaNoBloMo (National November Blog Month) and the challenge is to write one blog entry per day.  I contribute to 4 other blogs, so I will have to paste them here, but this page will be devoted to NaNoBloMo and diabetes awareness.  This one is about my complications.  I have Charcot foot.  The bones in my feet are crumbling and the pictures above show our attempts to stabilize my feet.  I had the pretty boot on my left foot for several months, twice in three years, with the ankle foot orthotic in the middle picture being a more permanent fixture in my life.  The right foot just decided to join the left.  I hope this doesn’t make the left foot flare up again.  I don’t mean for this to be a whining blog.  I do mean to provide a little information on what tends to be an invisible disease.  People still die from diabetes and its complications.  People with diabetes are at a greater risk than the general population for blindness, glaucoma, peripheral artery disease, heart disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, kidney disease and neuropathy.  I’m sure there are other complications I’ve missed.  I will be back tomorrow with more information on diabetes.


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